Commercial Fitout and Design Trends 2024 Christine March 1, 2024

Commercial Fitout and Design Trends 2024

Whether you’re refurbishing your office or commercial space, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the choices. Every year, trends come and go, and it’s always a good idea to look at what’s popular to see if any of them can be an inspiration for your own fitout and design.

Office trends

The hybrid office

COVID saw a great shift towards work-from-home offices which has grown in popularity every year. However, more and more people are now realising that while working from home is great (and a huge saving on petrol), there’s also a need to be surrounded by people. Many companies are now implanting a hybrid approach, offering a mix of work-from-home and in-office work throughout the week. Because of this, the traditional office structure is becoming less popular, and instead, we’re seeing more flexible layouts and office designs that prioritise productivity and mental well-being. This means adding more modular furniture and moveable walls to allow spaces to adapt to daily changes.

The modern office

The idea is to create a place of work where people want to come in, rather than a place they simply must be at. The modern office means a more welcoming space that gives workers the freedom for creativity, collaboration, and productivity. This means more greenery in the office, more natural light and open spaces, accessibility areas for disabled employees, and a more open-plan design. Gone are the days of hierarchy, where managers were locked up in offices away from the rest of the staff. In 2024, we’re seeing a trend towards showing equality throughout the company, allowing all members of staff, no matter what level they’re on, to work together in the same area.


This year’s trend favours soft colours, making it easier to add and change bold designs when necessary. This trend prioritises well-being, as soft and soothing colours create a more relaxed and joyful workplace atmosphere. Benjamin Moore® has named “Blue Nova” as their colour of the year, while Pantone® has chosen “Peach Fuzz,” introducing more gentle hues into future spaces.


Companies are incorporating sustainable design in their office fitouts, which include using natural materials into their design and live plants throughout the office.

Commercial trends


Commercial spaces, including hotels and restaurants, are focusing more on creativity this year, which allows them to show their individuality through design. Gallery-style walls, custom art, and other features throughout the commercial space give the space a more personal feel. Gone are the days of cut-and-paste design. Instead, there is a strong focus on showcasing personality to stand out from the rest.

Wellness and Inclusion

As with office spaces, wellness is front of mind. Commercial spaces are no longer just a space that looks good, but also a place that makes you feel good. For hotels, it could mean incorporating wellness spaces and gyms, or making sure that rooms are well-lit and open. There is also a shift towards accessibility, making sure that spaces are now welcoming no matter what age or gender you are, or what mobility issues you might have. This includes quiet zones for those who struggle with sensory overloads, inclusive bathrooms, and making sure that all areas are wheelchair accessible.


There is a new trend for restaurants to have open kitchens, which allows all the diners to see the cooking process. It’s a welcoming and inclusive space that shows trust. Hotels are opting for more open areas within their lobbies to create a more mixed-use space that allows customers to not only check-in but also have a space to socialise, work, or even just relax.


Technology is changing at a rapid pace, especially with the introduction of AI. We’re seeing a growing trend for personalisation through AI and technology to create a more personalised and memorable experience in commercial spaces.

While trends come and go, it looks like many of these 2024 trends will be here to stay. With a shift towards more positive and welcoming working and commercial spaces, it’s clear the goal is not just about design, but also about the way we interact with it.

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