What Does A Cabinet Maker Do? Christine May 16, 2024

What Does A Cabinet Maker Do?


Cabinet makers specialise in the creation of custom-built cabinets for both residential and commercial spaces. Their expertise lies in designing and crafting cabinets tailored to specific needs and preferences. They are skilled in carpentry, joinery, and related disciplines, carrying out a wide range of responsibilities. Collaborating closely with clients, a custom cabinet maker guides them throughout the entire process, transforming their ideas into beautifully finished products.

Cabinet makers are often contracted during the interior fitting phase of home construction, particularly when furnishings are involved. Additionally, interior designers frequently seek the expertise of cabinet makers for renovations or redesigns. Unlike carpenters who primarily focus on durable commercial applications, cabinet makers are specialists who incorporate exotic woods, materials, and intricate designs into their cabinets. They prioritise meticulous attention to detail to create unique and visually appealing pieces.

What skills are necessary to become a cabinet maker?

To excel as a cabinet maker, certain skills are required. First, manual dexterity and the ability to perform tasks with steady and meticulous movements are important. Additionally, following instructions and procedures diligently is important to achieve great results. The following skills are essential for aspiring cabinet makers:

  1. Knowledge of safety protocols and precautions when working with tools such as drills, saws, knives, and chisels.
  2. Proficiency in using a wide array of woodworking tools available in workshops, including hand tools like hammers, hand planes, and templates, as well as power equipment like table saws, band saws, jointers, and routers.
  3. Aptitude in handling measuring devices like tape measures, callipers, and levels.
  4. Familiarity with various wood types commonly used in cabinet making, such as pine, maple, oak, or manufactured boards, along with techniques for staining, varnishing, and painting.
  5. Precision skills to handle tools accurately without risking personal injury or causing damage to materials.
  6. Creative ability to envision how wooden components can be skilfully assembled to create visually appealing cabinet designs.
  7. Attention to detail is crucial in making kitchen cabinets, bedroom suites, and other cabinetry work. The job demands carpentry skills, hand-eye coordination, precision, and the ability to focus on repetitive tasks for extended periods.

Where can a cabinet maker work?

In Australia, cabinet makers have a wide range of opportunities available to them, both in residential and commercial settings. They can choose to work as employees for established companies or venture into self-employment. If they opt for self-employment, cabinet makers have the flexibility to work out of their own garage or rent an office space for their operations. This gives them the freedom to control their workspace and take on projects that align with their interests and expertise. Whether working for someone else or being self-employed, this is a rewarding career with ample options for growth and success.

The role of a cabinet maker encompasses a unique blend of craftsmanship, artistic vision, and technical expertise. They are the masterminds behind the creation of custom cabinets that perfectly fit the needs and aesthetic preferences of their clients. From designing and selecting materials to precise execution and finishing touches, cabinet makers bring creativity and attention to detail to every project. 


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