Tips For Getting a Quote From A Shop Fitter Christine April 10, 2024

Tips For Getting a Quote From A Shop Fitter


Before you dive into a project, make sure to get a quote from the right person. A quote isn’t just about the cost – it’s also about understanding exactly what you’re paying for. Nobody wants a surprise bill at the project’s end or unexpected deviations from the plan. The more you talk with your shop fitter, the better. So, here are some easy-to-follow tips for getting a quote that keeps everyone happy.

Don’t be afraid to shop around

Choosing the cheapest quote might not always guarantee the best overall value, so it’s important to explore your options thoroughly to ensure optimal value for your investment. Rushing through the quoting process is counterproductive. Instead, take the time to get quotes from at least three shop fitters. This comparative approach allows for a more informed decision-making process. Without benchmarking against multiple quotes, it’s hard to discern whether a particular offer truly represents a good deal. Have patience in the quote-gathering phase to ensure you not only secure an affordable option but also one that aligns with your project requirements and expectations.

Get a breakdown

Always ask for transparency in your project’s financial aspects, and that starts with obtaining an itemised breakdown in your quote rather than a consolidated lump sum, so you know exactly where all your money is going. Don’t assume that the company giving you a quote is quoting you correctly. There might be things missing from the quote, or they’ll add in a few extras that you don’t know about. Requesting a comprehensive breakdown provides clarity on what exactly is included in the quote and the corresponding costs. If one company appears to be pricing a particular item significantly higher than another, don’t hesitate to ask about the difference. This proactive approach helps you make informed decisions and ensures that the quote accurately reflects your project’s scope and financial considerations.

Ask about previous projects

Feel free to request examples of their past projects so you can visually assess their work through photos. Additionally, explore reviews to find out more about the experiences of previous clients. A quick Google search can show valuable information about a company, helping you decide if they are worth considering or best avoided. While the allure of a budget-friendly quote may be tempting, resist the urge to make your decision solely based on cost. Choosing the cheapest option might lead to further costs down the line that could’ve been avoided at the start. Prioritise quality and reputation over immediate cost savings!

Make sure they are compliant

Your shop fitout must comply with all Australian Standards and The Building Code of Australia, so make sure the company you are working with are on board with this before starting the project.

Don’t rush it

Many mistakes come from people rushing their projects and not taking their time to make sure they choose the right shop fitter. Get at least three quotes to compare, ask them to make it itemised and look at their previous projects and reviews. Doing this right will be worth it in the end.

At the end of the day, it comes down to good communication and your instincts. And if none of the companies you get quotes from suit your needs or you simply don’t get a good feeling from them, then keep searching.


Whether you’re considering a residential or commercial facelift, it’s always important to speak to a professional before you start tearing down a wall or two. In operation for over ten years, Brisbane based Kibo Constructions believe that quality, reliable workmanship with an honest approach shouldn’t be the exception to the rule.

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