Custom Cabinetry vs Flat Packs Lisa August 22, 2022

Custom Cabinetry vs Flat Packs

In the world of renovations and new builds, there’s a time and a place for flat packs – but when it comes to kitchens, is custom cabinetry the better choice? 

Like it not, many industry experts believe that it’s kitchens that ultimately sell properties. Since the kitchen is considered to be the heart of a home and the key area where a family spends time together during the day, one that’s in optimal condition will boost the total value and appeal of any property. 

Regardless of whether you’re building your dream home or renovating as a means to improve your existing one, your choice of cabinetry and cupboards can have a big influence not just in the kitchen, but in other key areas of the house, such as bathrooms and even laundry – but what are your options?Comparing Custom Cabinetry And Store Bought Cupboards

Flat pack style cupboards sourced from major retailers like Bunnings, Ikea and Freedom are often the first port of call for those looking to revamp or redo their kitchen space on a tight budget. While there is now an enormous range of styles and designs on the market, if you’re not DIY savvy, the installation and labour costs can quickly add up. 

What’s more is that this may not be the most cost effective choice if you’re doing an entire house or have a tricky layout to work with. In fact, the primary difference between a cupboard and a cabinet is that a cupboard can be a freestanding unit usually found in a kitchen or pantry, while a cabinet is typically built into a wall and employed. Therefore, the power of the latter lies in its flexibility. 

Ultimately, custom cabinetry should be viewed as a smart long-term investment. Well-designed storage is something most buyers are looking for and it can ultimately add to the value of your home. As there is a lot of work and detail involved in building custom cabinetry, this is why it generally costs more than pre-cut or flat-pack joinery alternatives. While the initial outlay may cost more, homeowners are all but guaranteed to get the perfect fit, making the most of even the most small, annoying or awkward spots in a kitchen or bathroom. 

If you’re considering custom cabinetry, be sure to triple check that you’re actually getting a genuine made-to-measure solution. Many companies claim to offer custom cabinetry tailor made to the requests of their clients but have restrictions around standard panel sizes before plumping out the extra space with wine racks or false panels. While this can be a cheaper alternative, it won’t deliver the seamless look that a true customised solution provides.

Once you’ve tracked down a reputable provider by checking public reviews and what their previous work looks like, the good news is that this usually means that you’ve found a building partner who will be able to think big and work with your vision. 

This is particularly relevant for people conducting a new build or extensive renovation as a custom cabinetry provider can also explore any option that tickles your fancy, such as television units, office stations and even butler’s pantries. In turn, this type of working partnership can be revolutionary when it comes to tying the design of your entire house together with the help of a professional who has the experience to bring your vision to life. 

Partner With The Experts On Custom Cabinetry 

Whether you’re considering a residential or commercial facelift, it’s always important to speak to a professional before you start tearing down a wall or two. In operation for over ten years, Brisbane based Kibo Constructions believe that quality, reliable workmanship with an honest approach shouldn’t be the exception to the rule. 

With a wealth of experience already under our belts, our in house joinery provides access to having your very own custom home furniture and features such as tables, desks, shelves and drawers to fit any space or design requirements necessary. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that the entire process is both a transparent and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

If you know that there’s an upcoming project for you, your brand or your business, we would love the opportunity to provide a quote – you might be pleasantly surprised at the result. As we specialise in commercial, hospitality and residential fitout options in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, please get in touch to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

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