How To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Vanity Lisa September 8, 2020

How To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Vanity


Choosing a bathroom vanity is not usually on a renovator’s “to-do” list – but it is a central visual element of any bathroom, and usually needs some thought. 

It may seem like a minor addition to a space that generally doesn’t get much consideration in the realm of home renovations, but a vanity can also dictate more than the look and feel of your bathroom – it’s also a core component of it’s functionality. So how do you know what the perfect fit is?

Things To Factor In When Choosing A Bathroom Vanity 

Not only can a new bathroom vanity completely revamp a space without requiring a full remodel, but it can also be the gateway to extra storage and ultimately allow smoother morning routines for all – who wouldn’t want that?

Size Matters – Let’s face it, bathrooms generally aren’t that big. While you probably know the “style” that floats your boat, a wall hung vanity can increase the space of a smaller bathroom, while a floor mounted vanity can offer extra storage with cabinets. 

Think Of The Sink – Do you need one, or two? There are generally three styles of bathroom sinks: recessed (the whole basin sits in the vanity top), semi recessed (best suited to smaller vanities, with part of the basin overhanging past the cabinetry), and mounted (the basin sits on top of the vanity). 

Cabinetry Materials – This usually boils down to how flexible your budget is. Marble, stone and granite are popular, but we’ve also seen a rise in wood and concrete. Basic laminate has come a long way, but is still one of the most affordable materials to work with. 

Storage Solutions – The age old question comes into play here – will it be draws, or doors? Keep in mind that the plumbing will usually take up a fair bit of space, which is why doors are more common in smaller bathrooms. Don’t be afraid of floating shelves or other options when it comes to storing your toiletries or towels. 

Existing Plumbing – A new vanity will usually require plumbing work, so it’s important to remember the layout and placement of the existing pipes. Freestanding vanities are more flexible for irregular or off-centre connections, whereas wall mounted ones may require some movement (and thus, a higher labour cost). 

Help! I’m Still Not Sure Which Bathroom Vanity Will Work 

And that’s okay! Even for the most streamlined renovation or refit, it’s always a good idea to speak to a professional to ensure that you’re on the right track. 

Sourcing a reputable local builder can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so why not speak to the team at Kibo Constructions for helpful tips and honest feedback. After all, for owner Lee Bourke – this isn’t exactly his first rodeo. With his bathroom projects ranging from maintenance, residential and commercial work – Lee has the experience to know what works versus what doesn’t. 

“Using a reputable builder is of course a big one. We’ve seen countless issues with bathroom renovators who have had their budget blown out very quickly by failing to follow this fundamental, so it’s important to make sure your remodelling is done properly from the get go”. 

To speak to the team at Kibo about your bathroom renovation, why not request a free quote – you might just be surprised at the results.

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