Selecting The Right Office Floor For Your Workplace Lisa October 13, 2020

Selecting The Right Office Floor For Your Workplace


Choosing the right office floor is quite a different exercise when compared to doing the same for your home – so how do you ensure that you get it right?

First and foremost, selecting the right office flooring material often boils down to functionality. What works in the reception area, may not necessarily vibe in with the office kitchen, so flexibility is a must. 

Which Office Floor Material Is Right For You?

You might have a particular colour or material in mind for your new commercial office floor space, but are you up to speed on all of the pros and cons? Just a handful of the most popular options on the market today include – 

Carpet – Depending on what city you work from, carpet can provide a sense of warmth and comfort in the office that other materials can’t. The downside is that it can wreak havoc for those with allergies, and it actually requires regular maintenance (think deep cleans and vacuuming). 


Vinyl – On the hunt for a touch of style, without sacrificing durability? Vinyl is a very popular option for all forms of commercial spaces, including offices. This type of material is quite resilient, and doesn’t damage easily from scratches or dents in high foot traffic areas. 

Tiles – With just about any colour, style and shape available on the market, tiles remain a popular choice for office flooring due to their status as long lasting, stain resistant, and relatively low maintenance cleaning requirements. 

Hardwood – There’s a reason hardwood flooring has never gone out of style – it’s timeless, classic feel can instantly elevate the vibe of a room, including office spaces. However, it can add up quite quickly if you have a relatively tight budget. 

Laminate – One of the most inexpensive flooring solutions, laminate flooring can mimic the look of wood, tiles or stone without the hefty price tag. It’s also highly durable, easy to clean, and much like vinyl it doesn’t damage easily. 


What Should You Consider When Selecting An Office Floor Material?

While the obvious factor that stands out is usually budget – what else should you take into consideration when selecting a new office flooring material for your commercial space?

Foot Traffic – Is your office space going to be open to the public with walk in traffic, or is it only used for a handful of staff to conduct business behind closed doors? How busy your space is will often determine how much durability is needed from your flooring. 

Repairs – If (or when) disaster strikes and your flooring needs repairs – is it going to be a minor inconvenience, or will it force you to shut your whole office down? The flooring plan chosen should be easy to repair or replace without affecting your trading or business operations. 

Cleaning Requirements – Is your office space likely to face frequent spills, scratches or dents? Can you afford regular buffing and polishing for certain flooring materials? If you aren’t thinking about functionality, then the cost of your floor can rapidly exceed the initial installation cost. 

What Else Should You Consider In An Office Refit?

If you’re looking at a brand new office floor, then there’s a high chance that you’re also undertaking a full refit. It goes without saying that sourcing a reputable builder to complete an office, commercial or hospitality fitout can be a nightmare. Thankfully, Brisbane based Kibo Constructions offer a solution. 

In operation for over ten years, at Kibo Constructions we believe that quality, reliable workmanship with an honest approach shouldn’t be the exception to the rule. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that the entire process is both a transparent and enjoyable experience from start to finish – undertaking a construction project shouldn’t be painful. 

If you know that there’s an upcoming project coming up for you, your brand or your business, we would love the opportunity to provide a quote – you might be pleasantly surprised at the result. As we specialise in office, commercial and hospitality fitout options in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, please get in touch to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

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