Seven Home Office Design Tips If You’re Working From Home Lisa October 28, 2020

Seven Home Office Design Tips If You’re Working From Home


2020 might go down in history as the year that the world stood still – but it’s also seen some pretty impressive home office design trends too. 

Although some clever cookies have managed to do it successfully for years, the onset of the pandemic saw many traditional office environments close down virtually overnight. Many workers were abruptly introduced to the realities of working from home, and it’s fair to say that most weren’t prepared for it. 

Chewing through your workload on the coach isn’t a viable long term solution, so many Aussies have spent a great deal of time on Pinterest sourcing inspo for the perfect home office – so what does it take for a space to be both beautiful and functional?

Home Office Design Ideas That Spark Joy 

Whether you’re running a business, in a temporary remote employment agreement or simply want a space for your computer to live, there’s plenty of ways to spruce up your work space that go far beyond the traditional desk and an ergonomic chair. 

Location, Location, Location – How badly do you really need that spare room? Allocate the space of your home by what gets the most usage and time dedicated to it. If you find yourself working from home for the foreseeable future, then your home office space deserves more than a desk shoved in the lounge room. 

Let There Be Light – Does a dark or dim room inspire you? We didn’t think so. Even if you don’t have a great deal of access to natural light, invest in a lamp or two – not only will it warm up your home office space, but you should be able to see your workplace (and laptop) clearly if you have any hope in working efficiently. 


Consider Functionality – That bright orange velvet armchair you’ve been eying off might look truly ravishing in the corner of your home office design vision, but how often is it going to get used? When making a plan for your space, don’t prioritise trends or design over functionality – it’s still technically a space for work. 

Hide Your Cords – Nothing kills the vibe of an aesthetically pleasing home office design like the abundance of power cords. Try incorporating wifi based devices for things like printers and mouses. If they can’t be avoided, ensure that they have their own special place to live that’s less visually obtrusive. 

Think About Storage Solutions – Home office design options usually aren’t added to the largest of floor spaces, so when you’re looking at storage solutions – think up, not across. Vertical storage spaces, even if they’re open plan, can really help to open a space up and ensure that it doesn’t feel cluttered.

Inject Colour – It’s important not to forget that an office space is still a part of your home’s overall look and feel. You’re no longer restricted to the blacks, whites and beiges of the traditional office cubicle, so don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Your colour palette will help to dictate how you feel about the room – think productivity and your overall mood. 


Add Inspiration – Most importantly, a home office design should encourage a space to be somewhere that you actually want to retreat to. Hang your artwork from your children if that’s your style, or instead opt for “lairy” accessories and decor. Nobody knows what inspires you better than you do, so ensure the space is somewhere that you want to kick goals. 

Looking For Further Home Design Ideas?

Whether you’re considering a home office facelift or even a large scale renovation, it’s always important to speak to a professional before you start tearing down a room or home. 

In operation for over ten years, Brisbane based  Kibo Constructions believe that quality, reliable workmanship with an honest approach shouldn’t be the exception to the rule. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that the entire process is both a transparent and enjoyable experience from start to finish – undertaking a construction project shouldn’t be painful. 

If you know that there’s an upcoming project coming up for you, your brand or your business, we would love the opportunity to provide a quote – you might be pleasantly surprised at the result. As we specialise in residential, commercial and hospitality fitout options in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, please get in touch to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

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