Sustainable Interior Design Trends To Watch In 2021 Lisa July 29, 2020

Sustainable Interior Design Trends To Watch In 2021


With the age of synthetics coming to a close, what sustainable interior design trends should you be on the lookout for as we move into 2021?

Globally, we’ve become increasingly aware of our impact on the earth. We’re ditching plastic straws, chemical based gardening aids, and even using our cars less. Naturally, it would then make sense for us to turn our attention to our homes. In all fairness, you’ve most likely already made a start on improving your home’s sustainability without realising – think about things like composting, solar panels and even catching more rainwater. So what exactly are methods of sustainable interior design considered to be?


Energy Efficiency – Generally speaking, most of us would want to use the air conditioner a lot less than we actually do. Heating and lighting in your home are two big factors that interior designers can influence, which can also improve a building’s overall energy efficiency – this can even relate to what carpet, curtains and even colours that you opt for.

Organic Materials – Organic options like wood, wool and natural stone seem to be the obvious choice, but it’s also important to think about where our building and design materials actually come from. It’s become a lot easier to identify the origin of our materials, which can help to determine fair pay and if they were extracted with minimal environmental impact. 

Healthier Indoor Environments – Did you know that if a piece of furniture or other indoor equipment has chemical treatments, that this can actually affect the toxicity of our indoor air? While most of us know that plants can be some of the best indoor air filters, even the right carpet can help to trap dust and other particles until next vacuumed. 


Longevity – Fast fashion is dying, and it is also extending to other homewares. Sure, that cushion might be $10 on the sale rack – but where did it come from, what materials were used, and how long is it going to last? Invest in some quality pieces or even take a trip to your nearest op shop to recycle something that was pre-loved. 

What Other Interior Design Trends Are Predicted For 2021?

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of how to pick sustainable interior design options, what are some other hot trends to keep an eye on in the next year?

Colour Trends – Navy and grey tones have been marked as the colours to watch rise in popularity. They can instantly inject an air of elegance into any room, and connect with most other elements to modernize a space. 

Statement Pieces – This trend can cover anything from furniture, accessories or homewares – if it is the first thing in a room to draw your attention in a room, then it’s often a statement piece. While it can serve as a colour burst, you can also incorporate patterns and prints. 

Elements Of Nature – Are you noticing more of your friends turning into plant people? As we spend more time inside, it’s only natural that we are going to want to bring some of the outdoors in. This trend can also incorporate the uses of more organic materials. 

Upcycling – There’s something magical about finding a vintage treasure. It’s unique, it’s yours, and there’s a high chance that nobody else has it. While fashion keeps going back in time, so do the features in our homes. It’s also an easy and popular way to start living more sustainably. 

If you’re considering a home makeover that requires slightly more than a new couch, it might be time to have a chat with Lee Bourke and the team at Kibo Constructions. Based between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Kibo specialises in maintenance, residential and commercial projects and pride themselves on giving new life to older spaces.

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