Bathroom Design 101: Five Tips From The Professionals Lisa July 20, 2020

Bathroom Design 101: Five Tips From The Professionals


Bathroom design is not for the faint hearted – so it’s always a good idea to plan ahead with reliable information on how to bring your dream space to life. 

Like most home construction, renovation or remodelling, without careful planning and feedback – crafting the perfect bathroom can go very wrong very quickly. The good news is that with a healthy dose of “expectation vs reality” and some help from the professionals, it doesn’t need to be a headache. Designing a small space can be tough, but with some forward thinking and imagination , even the “pokiest” room in the house can be the one that you love the most. 

Bathroom Design Tips From A Professional Builder 

Lee Bourke and his team at Kibo Constructions have seen their fair share of bathroom renovations, including the recent revamp of the reception, bathrooms and pool area of Wyndham Resort at Kirra Beach. 

With his bathroom projects ranging from maintenance, residential and commercial work – Lee has the experience to know what works versus what doesn’t. 

“Using a reputable builder is of course a big one. We’ve seen countless issues with bathroom renovators who have had their budget blown out very quickly by failing to follow this fundamental, so it’s important to make sure your remodelling is done properly from the get go”. 

Apart from the above, there are also a number of other factors to consider when constructing or remodelling your bathroom. Some might seem obvious, but others you might not have even contemplated. 

Get Your Layout Right The First Time

While it’s easy to get carried away with clawfoot baths and dreamy tiles, it’s important not to forget that the bathroom is one of the most functional rooms of the house. Bathrooms generally fall into one, two or three wet wall layouts, and you need to consider things like plumbing, vents, drainage and water lines before you get to the aesthetics. Access to the “mechanics” of the room are also things to consider for maintenance, or if anything were to go wrong in the future. 

Lighting Can Make The Room Bigger 

Most people generally want a bigger bathroom. If this isn’t possible, you can at least try to make it feel bigger, and this is often directly linked to the type of lighting in the room. If you don’t have the resources for a skylight, try to make sure the roof is painted a lighter colour to give the illusion of height. Don’t forget about having the right light for your mirror either, as there’s nothing worse than shadows lingering when it’s time for your face routine. 

Glass Doors Instead Of A Shower Curtain 

Clean, clear glass doors will not only open up the space, but also encourage more light. A simple glass door will add a level of “luxury” to the space, along with showcasing your tiles in the shower if this applies to you. Looks aside, you’re also going to discourage any mould build up within the shower along with speeding up the cleaning process – shower curtains needs to be removed and washed, compared to a few quick wipes required with a glass door. 

Be Smart With Your Storage 

Avoid having too many cabinets or edges that “jut out” in your bathroom design, as this will not only increase the likelihood of bumping yourself in the wrong place – but it can (again) make the space appear smaller. Consider things like a wall mounted toilet instead of on the floor, a floating vanity or counter top, and even hooks instead of towel racks. This of course boils down to personal preference and practicality, but try to keep your layout practical and simple. 

Consider Your Colours 

Lighter and pastel colours will keep the room airy, and avoid busy patterns for walls or tiles if your space is on the smaller size as this will only enhance that. If you aim to keep your palette to two or three colours maximum, instead try experimenting with texture over colour. If too much white isn’t your thing, consider bringing in a touch of nature with a plant or two that prefers moisture (ferns, etc). 

I Need More Help With My Bathroom Design 

And that’s totally normal! Considering the space restrictions and “mechanics” that often are a big part of the average bathroom, it’s worth consulting with a professional like the team at Kibo Constructions.

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