Five Spring Design Trends To Watch In 2020 Lisa August 19, 2020

Five Spring Design Trends To Watch In 2020


A new season often means a whole new set of aesthetics – so when it comes to the vibe of your home, what spring design trends should you be paying attention to?

Like the rest of 2020 – it’s safe to say that just about anything goes. While all white kitchens and accent walls may take years to go out of fashion, we’ll start to see more “mash ups” between old meets new. Think florals mixed with geometrics, dark walls mixed with colourful accent furnitures, and even off trend being presented as on trend. 

We are spending more time at home than ever, so it only makes sense that we feel the need for a refresh. If you’re considering a minor (or major) facelift when it comes to the vibe of your abode, check out our five spring design trends to watch in the upcoming season. 

Navy Cabinets 

Navy is back in a BIG way – think furniture, full scale paint palettes, but especially in the kitchen. Psychologically, blue is the colour we use to invoke feelings of calm and serenity, so it’s only natural that we want it in our homes. Navy blue cabinets in the bathroom or kitchen look great when paired with walnut accents or deep timber shades. 


Does it feel like just about everyone you know, is going through an indoor plants phase? You’re not alone, as this interior trend will most likely be around for quite awhile yet. Think large scale fiddle leaf fig plants in rattan baskets, vines like ivy or philodendron, or even a mini herb garden that lives in your kitchen. Either way – ditch the faux plants and bring the outdoors in. 

Mixing Old And New

The era of your curtains and quilt matching is over. Our rooms have become more multi-functional, and in turn so has our tastes and preferences. Mixing patterns, colours and textures breathes new life into a space, and avoids the need to fork out thousands of dollars for a complete head to toe renovation. 


In recent years, we’ve become more conscious about where our consumables come from. This includes everything from our food to our fuel, so it makes sense that the same awareness is applied to our homes. Sustainable spring design trends can include more energy efficiency, organic materials, and ultimately longevity when it comes to the look and feel of our homes.  

Colours Over Neutrals 

The Scandinavian look and all white kitchen will most likely stay on trend for years to come, however there’s no denying that colour is very much back in style – think deep blues, ochre and even fuschia. Even in multi-million dollar homes, it’s not uncommon for “lairy” wallpaper to be seen again. Don’t be afraid to mix your patterns up either – geometrics and florals can work. 

The Bottom Line 

If you’re looking at giving your home some tweaks in the near future, it’s important that it’s not just about you – interior design amendments or home renovations can have a significant impact on your home’s resale value. If you’re thinking about moving in six months or even six years, any changes that you make now can have major ramifications further down the track. 

That’s why it’s always important to speak with a professional. Here at Kibo Constructions, we specialise in commercial and residential refits, renovations and builds. Get in touch with us today or request a free quote to discuss how we can bring your project to life.

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