Interior Paint Colours: Finding Your Home’s Perfect Palette Lisa August 23, 2020

Interior Paint Colours: Finding Your Home’s Perfect Palette


Getting your home’s interior paint colours right can be a nightmare, so here are some tips on how to choose the perfect palette from the professionals.  

Painting is a relatively quick and easy way of giving any home or room a facelift, but it can often go oh so right – or very wrong – and plays a fundamental part when it comes to a space’s core interior design. 

So are there foolproof ways of getting it right? We’ve taken a few notes over the years, and here are some of the best tips on choosing your home’s interior paint colours and palette. 

How To Choose Interior Paint Colours 

Make A Mood Board – Before you recolour your entire abode on a whim, make sure you do your homework in terms of planning and inspiration. Popular apps like Pinterest are great for planning and saving vibes that you like – and sometimes it’s almost easier to address palettes that you don’t like too. The colour you opt for can also determine a room’s mood, so in regards to colour palettes it’s important to take into consideration what the purpose of a space is. 


Ignore Trends – A pink bathroom might be the hottest trend this year, but will it continue to be so in twelve months time? Committing to an interior paint also plays a role in your property’s long term value, so don’t choose colours that will be out of fashion when (or if) the time comes to sell your home. Classic, efficient and timeless – remember these words when you’re thinking about interior paint colours. 

Design The Room First – In theory, it sounds easier to match your furniture to your paint colours. In reality, you no doubt already have a tonne of decor that you love or are at least fond of, and replacing these can be a costly and unnecessary exercise. Plan your room’s layout before you paint it, and consider existing patterns, textures, artwork, flooring and colours when choosing new interior paints. 

Consider Your House As A Whole – While there’s no need for every room in the house to have identical walls, generally speaking most have some kind of theme when it comes to interior paint colours and palettes. Are you a fan of neutrals, or is it perhaps grays or deep blues? Start by collecting colour swatches – if it makes you feel cluttered or uneasy looking at the condensed palette, it’s going to do the same thing on the walls. 


The Sheen Factor – The general rule is that the glossier the paint is, the easier it is to clean up. High traffic areas prone to dirt and grease like playrooms may require a glossier paint, but this can also make imperfections stand out in other areas like living rooms (where matte options are usually more suitable). It’s also worth considering how much natural light that the room in question is going to receive, as this can affect the paint’s tone. 

Be Sure To Test First – However motivated you may be to “get it done”, we really don’t recommend committing to a colour without at least a few test runs. How it looks on the tin may not necessarily be how it turns out – and let’s be real, who wants to paint an entire room twice? It’s also important to compare the paint’s end result to your existing fixtures and furnishings, so don’t be afraid to bring home a few sample paint pots before diving right in. 

What Else Should You Consider?

Is selling your home on the cards within the next few years? It may be worth considering what’s in (and what’s out) for upcoming interior design trends and other factors that directly influence your home’s resale value. 

If you’re considering other home renovations, including extensive structural work, it’s always worth speaking to a professional. Here at Kibo Constructions, we specialise in commercial and residential refits, renovations and builds. Get in touch with us today or request a free quote to discuss how we can bring your project to life.

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